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What Should I Bring?

MoTown is very remote and it is a long way to the nearest town if you forget something. Electric is by generator only. Well water is available but you should bring plenty of drinking water. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available from vendors, but you will need to bring any other food, snacks, or drinks. You should have clothing for temperatures from 90 degrees to below freezing, and there is always a possibility of rain even in the desert. Bring everything you will need for several days in the remote Sonoran Desert, including a waterproof tent/RV, warm bedding, chairs, food, drinking water, drinks, flashlight/headlamp, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, medical kit, medication, camera, FRS radio (if flying). Don't forget something for show and tell! We also ask that attendees contribute time or something to the event. From clean-up volunteers to flamethrowers' it's the contributions that make this event so special.

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