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Video's Available at the AFC!

Big news this year! Videographer and fellow PPG flyer, Danielo, will be capturing the event and offering custom flying videos for purchase. Don’t miss an opportunity to create a flying, promotion, or product video. If anybody needs a cool video about themselves flying, this is what you need!

Danielo uses cinema-grade equipment and will provide a unique trailer of you from unloading your gear to flying with the music of your choice. But that’s not it. Create memories for any other activities happening during the event; shooting, airplanes, hot air balloons, etc he will make it happen.

Check out his YouTube for samples. For more information or questions call or email: +1 (818) 835 2294 | DANIELOSTAYBAD@GMAIL.COM $100 pay with Venmo, Cash app, PayPal or Cash.
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