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Updated: Jun 16

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Should paramotors/balloons, general aviation (airplanes), and parachutists have segregated times for flying?

Different aircraft types would be scheduled to fly in time slots to reduce collision hazards. For example, paramotors and balloons would fly mornings and evenings, general aviation during the day, and parachutists would have their own time slot. There would have to be a discussion about where ultralights fit in.

Arguments for: General aviation would not have to worry about paramotors without communication flying across the runway or pattern. Paramotors could fly around the airport and foot drag the runway without the hazard of fast-moving airplanes taking off and landing. Parachutists could land without traffic hazards.

Arguments against: You can't fly anytime you want to. The fun and excitement of many different aircraft types sharing the sky at the same time outweigh the risks.

Should paramotors/balloons, general aviation, and parachutists have segregated times for flying?

  • Yes, scheduled flying times by aircraft type.

  • No, fly anywhere, any time.

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