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North Route, Good. South Route, Bad.

Many GPS and mapping apps advise to use the south route (coming from I-8 up Vekol Road) to get to Motown. It looks shorter. It's a lie. Trust us. The South route is in bad, bad shape. Unless you are in an off-road capable, high clearance, all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle, you will likely get badly stuck or severely damage your vehicle in the soft sand of the Vekol Wash and ruts and deep sand on other parts of the road. This happened a few days ago and it took hours, shovels, boards, a tow rope, and several vehicles to dig out a stuck van.

The North route (from Hwy 238) is absolutely fantastic. We've been dragging the road and trimming back the plant growth. The North route is the nicest it has ever been. The largest of RV's will have no difficulty getting to Motown from the North.

Here are detailed directions to the AFC:

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