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Important Changes for the 2023 AFC

The AFC is an annual, temporary, self-ruled, autonomous collective 4 day event. We invite everyone that comes to the AFC to bring the best of themselves and share it. This is the magic that makes the AFC amazing.

We are not an air show or a spectator only attraction. We encourage everyone that comes to actively participate, bring the best of themselves, and share their awesomeness with others the event. We encourage participants to be there for the entire event. Whether you stay 4 minutes or 4 days, the passes to the AFC are the same. As such, we do not offer day passes to anyone that drives or hikes in.

We have one exception for day passes: these will only be available for pilots that fly into the Arizona Flying Circus and guests that fly in with them. We love that pilots bring their amazing flying machines to the AFC and add so much to the event. We also understand the added difficulties GA pilots face to plan for adverse weather and long distance travel. We hope that day passes for pilots that fly into the AFC will encourage more pilots to come to the Circus.

Paramotor/Balloon/Ultralight flying times are now limited to morning and evening times to help with shooting range safety and with air traffic congestion. Please see the schedule.

A limited number of Saturday night banquet tickets will be available for sale at the event. We have to order with our caterer in advance.

We have done our best to hold down price increases, but like everyone else, we are dealing with rising costs

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