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Calling Out To Skydivers!

There will be skydiving operations at the AFC this year going on Friday through Sunday with several jump planes. We're looking to have a record amount of skydivers this year. Tandem skydives will also be available. We will have a clean, carpeted area set aside for skydivers to do gear repacks. If you plan to skydive at the AFC, please come prepared with your log book, your reserve, re-pack information, your own gear, and be prepared to sign a waiver.

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Unknown member
Feb 14, 2023

I am a skydiver who will be at AFC. I traveled here as a paramotor pilot, but I was wondering if anyone will have a rig to rent while out there.


Unknown member
Feb 13, 2023

Really looking forward to getting a few skydives this year! Accuracy landing competition!? 👌

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