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Luna tucumana: A Beautiful Song for Piano Lovers

If you are looking for a new challenge on the piano, you might want to try Luna tucumana, a popular folk song from Argentina. Luna tucumana, which means "moon of Tucumán", is a zamba composed by the legendary singer-songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui in 1940. The song is a tribute to the province of Tucumán, where Yupanqui spent some time in his youth. The lyrics express the nostalgia and admiration for the land and its people, as well as the beauty of the moon that shines over the mountains.

Download File:

Luna tucumana has been recorded by many artists, such as Mercedes Sosa, Los Chalchaleros, Los Tucu Tucu, Soledad, and more. The song has a simple melody and a rhythmic accompaniment that follows the typical pattern of the zamba, a dance genre that originated in Peru and spread to Argentina and other countries. The zamba is characterized by a 6/8 meter with syncopated accents and a distinctive guitar strumming technique.

If you want to learn how to play Luna tucumana on the piano, you can find some helpful resources online. For example, you can watch these YouTube videos that show you the partitura (sheet music) and the tablature (tablature) of the song:

  • by Daniel Patanchon

  • by La Tecla-Espacio musical

You can also download the PDF files of the partitura and the tablature from these links:

  • by Daniel Patanchon

  • by La Tecla-Espacio musical

Luna tucumana is a beautiful song that will enrich your piano repertoire and your musical culture. It is also a great way to practice your rhythm, melody, and harmony skills. We hope you enjoy playing this song and discovering more about the Argentinean folklore.


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