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2021 AFC General Discussion

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I am a NOOB to PPG, so looking to start networking for Arizona flying and cavorting about as is required. I am in the Tucson area... so feel free to contact me as is your want for Southern Arizona PPG fun/frivolity.

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Aug 07, 2021

Welcome! The PPG community is very active throughout Arizona and there are several of us in the Tucson area. I'd recommend joining our local flying group on FaceBook ( to get in touch with the locals and find out about when and where we're flying.

The best place to get started in this hobby is to connect with a trainer. AZ has plenty to choose from. Most are located around the Phoenix-area while GlideAmerica is based out of Tucson. I also highly recommend getting in touch with Mo and Airparamo to do a tandem discovery flight so you can get a taste of flying before committing to training. Of course you'll most likely be hooked for good after that first flight ;-)

AZ Training Options: (Tucson-Area)

Look forward to flying with you soon!



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