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as a result, mrs. meyers clean day grew 12 times nationally from may to august 2015 compared to may 2014. the brands national customer base more than doubled, grown from approximately 76,000 to approximately 155,000. the campaign also exceeded nielsen expectations in new customer acquisition and growth of facebook community size, and more than doubled new customer growth when compared to mrs. meyers clean day in the same time period last year.

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in the case of hoover, we knew the brand had the power to grow from the ground up. at that time, hoover had a strong position within the cleaning market. they had the most powerful cleaning equipment available and the largest sales force, yet were still losing ground in the market. they were growing but, in comparison, not exponentially. however, we didn't care about the market numbers. we were taking a look at how a brand can be used to touch someone's life.

that's when we started to take a look at how an all new john deere dealership can be created as the norm in the community. we started small, building a simple concept, and built from there. we rallied our community partners as a call to action and asked them to give their time, talents and funds to fill a void that wasn't being filled. we hoped to create a concept that would touch people and influence their lives in a positive way. we knew that we had a good thing on our hands. i had no idea how big it could become. i have a group of people who were willing to work their butts off to build a completely new outlet for us. they built brand awareness, created a demand for what we sold and really helped shape the story for us.


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