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Ps3 Error 8002F281 [TOP]

"PS3 error code 8002f281" may indicate the presence of corrupt files or firmware. You may want to run Restore File System and Rebuild Database from the safe mode. To access Safe mode, please see below.

Ps3 Error 8002F281

Download File:

Please can somebody help me with this. Okay so today I decided to upgrade my ps3 slim's hard drive from a 120gb to a 500gb, well I backed up all my data, game saves etc, and i turned off my ps3 removed the hard drive, exchanged it for the new one, made sure everything was the same when I put it back. So i turned it on and it told me to format the hard drive by pressing START and Select, so I did. It then showed that it was formatting when it got to 100% it stayed thier for like 30 min, but i didn't mind it. After another 10 or so minutes i found that on the top right corner a little loading circle, was not moving so I knew that my ps3 had froze, so like a dumbass I disconnected the power to the ps3, I turned it back on and it didn't want to boot up. So again I took out the hard drive put back the old one thinking it would be all well and good, told me that I needed to format the hard drive, so again I let it format, only this time it said "a serious error has occurred error code 8002F281", please I don't know what to do. Please also, I bought this ps3 three years ago at costco, and the warranty expired last year, was under a 2 year warranty plan. Please any help would be great.

ahora no puedo actualizar al oficial 3.55 de y ni tampoco downgrar cualquier firmware ya revise que mi ps3 puede downgrear hast 1.00 pero no me deja porque con todos los firmware y custom firmware me sale se ha producido un error grave por favor comuniquese con asistencia para ayuda (8002f281) 350c69d7ab


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