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Where To Buy Flame Resistant Clothing

Do you have to wear flame-resistant clothing for your job? Most people in the oil and gas industry do, including contractors and service technicians. Even if flame-resistant (FR) clothing is something you only need for specific task, you may want to consider wearing it at all times.

where to buy flame resistant clothing


Take into account things like cost, comfort, maintenance requirements, and protection level. Decide if having inherently designed flame-resistant fabrics is important to you. And, get the gear you need based on your unique job requirements.

Midwest Workwear is known for the extensive flame resistant selection we offer for online shopping and the service that comes with an order. Retailing for 8 different brands, we have the flexibility to sell you clothing within any price and quality range. Since we opened our company in 2006, we have been distributing flame resistant wear ranging from jeans and pants to shirts, coats, and bibs. We have acquired experience over the past years and it shows in our customer service and our ability to keep prices as cheap as possible. We are located in Wisconsin, but are able to dropship from anywhere in the nation, decreasing our time to get you your safety clothing and work clothes. On top of our knowledge and service, we guarantee the lowest legal prices on our inventory. With our newly designed Flame Resistant navigation page, you will have no issue finding exactly what you need.

There are 12 Arc flashes happening daily in the USA, and around 2000 brave workers end up in the ER every year. FR clothing is the last line of defense against a sudden, searing hot flame. Without these clothes, there would be many more men sent to the burn center, and sadly, there would be a lot more fatalities too.

So, who wears FR clothing, anyway? Welders; contractors; employees in the oil and gas industry and anyone working with a Bunsen burner, stove or another type of open flame all require some level of flame-resistant clothing. Other industries might also find this type of clothing useful even if exposure to flames is rare or unlikely, such as electrical workers and food processors.

Considered to be a form of personal protective gear, flame-resistant clothing items may be worn at all times or donned when performing specific tasks. No matter how or when they are used, it is important that all flame-resistant garments worn on the job are not soiled, have no rips or tears and are available when needed so they can protect the wearer effectively from burns.

Flame-resistant clothing is any wearable item made from a fabric woven from fibers that will naturally stop or extinguish flames should it be exposed to fire or sparks. In some industries, it is not only recommended but required for safety. In some instances, this clothing can stop severe injury or death from occurring on the job.

Level of protection: Depending on the work being performed by employees while wearing the garment, different levels of protection are recommended. The National Fire Protection Agency has a detailed chart available. Manufacturers of flame-resistant PPE will list the hazard risk category on the item to ensure that the item chosen offers the right level of protection.

Note: Hazard risk categories HRC can help employers choose the right flame-resistant articles of clothing for employees based on the hazard risk associated with the required tasks. In some cases, when employers ask employees to purchase and supply their own flame-resistant clothing, they may specify a minimum HRC, so employees know which articles to buy.

It is possible to find flame-resistant clothing that suits all types of weather conditions and addresses different issues that may be safety concerns. For example, it is possible to find flame-resistant clothing that is effective for the following situations:

If your employees need flame-resistant uniforms, and you need assistance making sure that the uniforms look good and are maintained in such a way as to preserve their flame resistance, Alsco can help. 041b061a72


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