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Due to the difference in valid period of warranty for different parts, the vehicle's warranty period claimed by the maufacturer is usually the period of the longest guaranteed part. It should be noticed that some manufacturer's extra-long period of warranty actually only covers several extra-durable parts, while customers may be misled about it.


Nope....this enzyme works fine for my applications. But I am up to ordering new enzyme so I am interested in this. Something similar happened here with a cloning kit....we got replacements two times but they changed maufacturer of something in the kit. When they returned to the old one it started working again.Have you contacted Finnzymes if something is wrong with the lot?

I think you have to look at the costs and benefits:+ Your work cannot be used against you- Manufacturers of phones, media players, DVRs, consoles will stop using Linux. Maybe also voting machines, hospital equipment, nuclear power station equipment. Any area where the maufacturer believes that it is preferable that the user not be able to modify the running software.- Any useful input they may have had (such as improvements for embedded devices, real time operation) will not arise.- The GPL community is fractured between GPL2 and GPL3. Distributions have to drop packages from one side or the other.- The GPL ecosystem grinds to a halt There'll be no halt Posted Sep 23, 2006 12:50 UTC (Sat) by coriordan (guest, #7544) [Link]

I see things as moving toward bundled, omnibus and original equipment maufacturer long term contracting until the problems with this love the contractor and devolve government responsibility to them causes some major glitch or scandal. The pendulum doth swing. Give away more responsibility it will haunt the giver. What problems will cause this? -Obscene profitability based on lack of competition will renact CICA type controls. The "exposes" will be politically motivated but very effective. Results will be 1102s delving into oversight with a vengance. (this could happen today!) - Legal shifts as the government refuses to take responsibility for some disaster, yet the public demands action against someone and the contractor is off the hook. Such as scenario could come from a defect in design that causes loss of life or environmental disaster on the scale of the Exxon Valdez. (How about a recent dual rotor aircraft crash?) - A major governmental failure that cannot be fixed in time. A need for military, health or safety is not met with adequate response, an example might be a Y2K like problem or a military contingency that cannot be met. Public shame will drive the PCO into fixing things. Take heart the trends in contracting will rebound to hit us in the eyes, and we'll need to open them again and get back to work!

How many mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras are there on the market with built-in geotagging other than R3 and Z9 and the likes? Indeed, none. Every new mirrorless equivalent to a dslr where this feature is now removed is an extra disapointment, simply because there are no alternatives. I just hope that some day some maufacturer reverses this trend.


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