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2021 AFC General Discussion

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Monster Hunter World Incl 62 DLCs MULTi12 Repack-FitGirl |VERIFIED|

Hunt down the deadliest creatures that roam the globe and craft weapons and armor from their remains to face off against even larger threats. The Hunters have their work cut out for them in a vast open-world environment that will keep you on your toes.

Monster Hunter World Incl 62 DLCs MULTi12 Repack-FitGirl

There are stories to be told in a world that consists of many open areas that only a hunter could enjoy. From the waterfalls of New Shambala to the swamps of Bwakan-Afah, every corner of the world is open to the player. The world is enormous, and every one of its nooks and crannies is a treasure chest full of information about the world, the monsters, and the secrets that lurk within.

In the past, humankind's contact with monsters was limited to myth and legend. The progression of the technology race led to the development of large guns that came to be feared by the monsters. The monsters were forced to retreat into their dark lairs, where they could be hunted with the technology of the civilized. Once upon a time, only these types of monsters inhabited the world. But now, hunters hunt monsters in the open world. As humanity takes hold, the monsters are returning to reclaim their territory, hunting every Hunter that dares challenge them. Monster Hunter: World is an open world hunting game where players can hunt monsters in free roam.

Introducing Monster Hunter: World, an action-packed game that takes you on epic journeys across a vast open world. Bring your best weapon and step into this hunter's boots to explore a living, breathing ecosystem teeming with enemies. But be careful - the ecosystem is full of surprises, and some creatures may make even the most experienced hunter question their own skills!


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