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2021 AFC General Discussion

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Narrative Theory, Literature, And New Media: Na... LINK

When it comes to strict adaptation in transmedia storytelling which is translating one medium to another: a book becomes a film, a comic becomes a video game. There is also a history describing pure transmedia: the book is an exact prequel to the film, ending at the exact moment prior to the films beginning. The earliest example of this would be the Bible. During early ages when many people were illiterate, narratives were passed on verbally, through "live theatre" where they were acted out, sermons, songs and/or illustrations.

Narrative Theory, Literature, and New Media: Na...

But why do narratives work as a mediation strategy for museums? Narratives have a special effect on human beings. Narrative theory, a broad and varied field of study, has been exploring these impacts for decades.[26] We will focus here on specific elements that span several fields of study: literature, media studies, psychology, and neurology. Our approach to narrative theory is therefore interdisciplinary and, to some measure, a constructivist approach. 041b061a72


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